‘So, do you have any questions for us?’

June is traditionally the easiest month to find an English language teaching role in any of Ireland’s ELT organisations.  The number of teaching roles in Ireland goes from 1000 to 2000 for a brief two and a half months, according to a speaker at recent ELT event in Dublin. That’s a lot of interviewing.
Q: How can we jobbing ELT managers and precariously employed English language teachers use those interviews to turn those 1000 year-round jobs into 1000 real year-round jobs?
A: By asking the right questions.
Teachers in Unite the Union‘s ELT Branch put together this list. Pick a couple of questions below and ask them when the interviewer asks you ‘So, do you have any questions for us?’. If you aren’t changing schools consider this: How would your current school answer them?
(But I’m the hiring manager this year /the DOS/in a good school/getting a Delta/ Helping my DOS and she’s my friend!  Be clear about things. Don’t lose your professional cool if a another professional asks these questions about the role you are offering in the profession. To be clear: whether you are looking for fun fling summer love or an ‘English summer camp’ teacher, be clear about it. And some praise is due this year. It is great to see so many professional ads this year clearly stating they are hiring ‘for the summer’. Well-qualified experienced professionals being misled might (and should) land the offending school in the WRC. It is not ok and it should stop.)
So save this page for your next interview, if they offer you less than €22/hr, there is good reason for you go ahead and ask ’em all. In Dublin, how much are you going to be able to save if you are making less than that?
Here’s to not just breaking even one of these years…
● Is there a pay scale?
● Is there payment for CPD/non-contact hours?
● How many days sick pay are paid?
● How is holiday pay accrued and am I entitled to take it when I want?
● Are my conditions (sick/holiday pay, pay scales, payment for non contact hours etc) specified on my contract?
● Can I see a sample contract?
● How long must I be working for the company before I receive a permanent contract?
● Are my hours stated on my contract?
● Are all the hours paid at teacher’s rates?
● Is there a clear policy on bullying?
● How much notice will I get if hours are to be reduced/classes closed?
● Is that stipulated in a/the contract?
● Would this school contribute to (or pay for) my Diploma or Master’s after a certain period?
● What happens in the autumn?
Suggestions? Write to us.
I.T., thanks for your help on this list.

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