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We’d like to link to a great post published by A2dez, titled “‘The Best Shit Job’: My life as an English language teacher in Ireland”.

The author covers some really interesting topics about teaching English in Ireland. It covers most of the main points that we’ve all experienced as English language teachers: how we got started, losing work, the summer compared to “Autumnwinterspring”. It also covers the activities in the class, the structure of the teaching week and the people that come to learn.

It has already proved popular on Twitter, with one commenter noting that everyone thinking of doing a CELTA should read the post.

While others commended it for being realistic about the joy we feel in the classroom with our students.

It goes a long way to explaining why we want to protect this industry for ourselves and the next generation of teachers. Have a read of it, tell us what you think, share it with your colleagues, then have a think and send us your own story (we all have one).

‘The best shit job’: My life as an English language teacher in Ireland

Photo credit: A2dez.net

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