Be a part of Climate Strike on 20 September

As an English Language Teacher you can be part of the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September 2019… whether in Ireland or working abroad… whether you are in a union or not. (You should be in a union, of course, and you should be one of ‘the Environment People’ at your school.)

This website has a lot of good ideas on how you and yours can participate and get more people at your workplace to participate- including the boss!

The three main steps are copied here are from this link:


Step 1: Getting started

Host a lunchtime discussion or use a newsletter, noticeboard or email list at work to share information about the Global #ClimateStrike. Some employers require notice of such actions so do this through appropriate channels for your workplace.
Try to kick off a conversation about the connections between the climate crisis and your sector.  
Propose some ways that you and fellow employees could join the climate strike and decide together what you want to do. 
If you have a union at your workplace, approach your union representative for help to gather collective support and ideas.
Don’t underestimate the power you have to inspire your friends and colleagues if you’re passionate about this moment. And you could invite a local school striker to speak to your colleagues and plan with you – contact them via #FridaysForFuture

Step 2: Put a proposal or resolution to your employer

Once you’ve got an initial plan and interest, make a proposal to your employer, outlining how and why your workplace should join the #ClimateStrike. Negotiate an arrangement that will work for everyone and remember that a goal of the Global Climate Strikes is to encourage activism and disrupt business as usual, everywhere, and force politicians to act with urgency to address the climate crisis. 

Step 3: Publicise your employers’ support 

Once your employer has agreed to support staff participating, ask them to communicate this widely to everyone, through staff newsletters, emails, on their website and social media channels etc. 
Put up posters/distribute flyers everywhere. Invite colleagues to do the same through their networks.  Put together a press release to the local media using this Media Toolkit

Post selfies or group photos on social media using the hashtag #climatestrike to let school strikers know your workplace is joining in and to inspire other employers to do the same. 

That’s pretty clear. A half dozen practical ideas then follow on how to organise something worthwhile at your school, no matter what the scale. Go check out the site and commit.

There are loads of downloadable graphics and stuff too.

These are all feasible ideas even in small businesses like ELT Organisations. Even ones with implicit gigantic carbon footprints, like our dear ELT Organisations.

Most owners and managers would love to at least give a nod towards building a greener world and a greener Ireland.

This is not a risky topic, teachers, so ask students and staff how they could participate. Bring it up a your teachers’ meeting this week and in the staff room.

There are more clear ideas for participating here.

Get your students and school admin involved too. Let’s all do our bit and remember that teachers have a role to play in showing people their power to be active for change. Be a part of it this week by starting those conversations. And share what you are going to do here.

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